Influence of meiotic inhibition by butyrolactone-I during germinal vesicle stage on the ability of porcine oocytes to be activated by electric stimulation after nuclear maturation
Meiotic arrest maintained by cAMP during the initiation of maturation enhances meiotic potential and developmental competence and reduces polyspermy of IVM/IVF porcine oocytes
Comparative morphometry of precompacted bovine embryos produced in vivo or in vitro after parthenogenetic activation and intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)
The in vitro and in vivo development of goat embryos produced by intracytoplasmic sperm injection using tail-cut spermatozoa
Effect of ejaculate, bull, and a double swim-up sperm processing method on sperm sex ratio
Potential amplification of early pregnancy signals by ovarian follicular cells in suspension within the Fallopian tube
Expression of IGF2 and IGF receptor mRNA in bovine nuclear transferred embryos
Ultrastructural localisation of calcium deposits in pig oocytes maturing in vitro
Pronucleus formation, DNA synthesis and metaphase entry in porcine oocytes following intracytoplasmic injection of murine spermatozoa
Nucleolus in apoptosis-induced mouse preimplantation embryos