Effects of nitric oxide synthase inhibitors on porcine oocyte meiotic maturation
Influence of seminal plasma PSP-I/PSP-II spermadhesin on pig gamete interaction
Haploidy influences Bak and Bcl-xL mRNA expression and increases incidence of apoptosis in porcine embryos
Characterization of Aurora-A in porcine oocytes and early embryos implies its functional roles in the regulation of meiotic maturation, fertilization and cleavage
Embryos produced in vitro from bulls carrying 16;20 and 1;29 Robertsonian translocations
Transplantation of male pronucleus derived from in vitro fertilization of enucleated oocyte into parthenogenetically activated oocyte results in live offspring in mouse
Production of rabbit chimeric embryos by aggregation of zona-free nuclear transfer blastomeres
Cell-cycle-dependent subcellular localization of cyclin B1, phosphorylated cyclin B1 and p34cdc2 during oocyte meiotic maturation and fertilization in mouse
Round spermatids stained with Mito Tracker can be used to produce offspring more simply
Asterosap-induced elevation in intracellular pH is indispensable for ARIS-induced sustained increase in intracellular Ca2+ and following acrosome reaction in starfish spermatozoa
Production of mouse by inter-strain inner cell mass replacement
Viable rat offspring derived from oocytes intracytoplasmically injected with freeze-dried sperm heads
Participation of the ubiquitin-proteasome pathway in rat oocyte activation