Supplementation of fructose in chemically defined protein-free medium enhances the in vitro development of bovine transgenic cloned embryos
Assembly of ovarian follicles in the caecilians Ichthyophis tricolor and Gegeneophis ramaswamii
Phosphorylation pattern of the p90rsk and mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) molecule
Heparin and dermatan sulphate induced capacitation of frozen-thawed bull spermatozoa measured by merocyanine-540
Role of follicle stimulating hormone and epidermal growth factor in the development of porcine preantral follicle in vitro
Dose- and time-dependent effects of TNFα and actinomycin D on cell death incidence and embryo growth in mouse blastocysts
Efficiency and kinetics of the in vitro fertilization process in bovine oocytes with different meiotic competence
Identification of sperm morphometric subpopulations in the canine ejaculate
Structural and ultrastructural characteristics of the yolk syncytial layer in Prochilodus lineatus (Valenciennes, 1836) (Teleostei; Prochilodontidae)
Ultrastructural changes in the follicular epithelium of Ceratophrys cranwelli previtellogenic oocytes