Impact of in vitro fertilization of bovine oocytes with sex-sorted frozen--thawed spermatozoa on developmental kinetics, quality and sex ratio of developing embryos
Decrease in CD9 content and reorganization of microvilli may contribute to the oolemma block to sperm penetration during fertilization of mouse oocyte
Occurrence of chromosomal aneuploidy in rabbit oocytes and embryos at different developmental stages
Developmental competence and expression of the MATER and ZAR1 genes in immature bovine oocytes selected by brilliant cresyl blue
Possible participation of calmodulin in the decondensation of nuclei isolated from guinea pig spermatozoa
Effect of FSH and LH hormones on oocyte maturation of buffalo and gene expression analysis of their receptors and Cx43 in maturing oocytes
Nitric oxide synthase isoforms and the effect of their inhibition on meiotic maturation of porcine oocytes
Preservation of sperm within the mouse cauda epididymidis in salt or sugars at room temperature
Expression of melatonin (MT1, MT2) and melatonin-related receptors in the adult rat testes and during development
Malonaldehyde formation and DNA fragmentation
Changes in the expression of pluripotency-associated genes during preimplantation and peri-implantation stages in bovine cloned and in vitro produced embryos