Effect of estradiol during culture of bovine oocyte–granulosa cell complexes on the mitochondrial DNA copies of oocytes and telomere length of granulosa cells
Involvement of PLA2, COX and LOX in Rhinella arenarum oocyte maturation
Digital holographic microscopy for the evaluation of human sperm structure
Differential expression of microRNAs in 2-cell and 4-cell mouse embryos
Distribution pattern and activity of mitochondria during oocyte growth and maturation in the ascidian Styela plicata *
Morphometric of blastomeres in Salmo salar
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Identification of phospholipase activity in Rhinella arenarum sperm extract capable of inducing oocyte activation
Exposing bovine cumulus–oocyte complexes to aromatizable androgen restore serum-induced low estradiol production in vitro
Selection of developmentally competent immature equine oocytes with brilliant cresyl blue stain prior to in vitro maturation with equine growth hormone
Stability of reference genes for normalization of reverse transcription quantitative real-time PCR (RT-qPCR) data in bovine blastocysts produced by IVF, ICSI and SCNT
Role of Mael in early oogenesis and during germ-cell differentiation from embryonic stem cells in mice in vitro
Expression levels of mRNA for insulin-like growth factors 1 and 2, IGF receptors and IGF binding proteins in in vivo and in vitro grown bovine follicles
Morphophysiological characterization of the embryonic development of Melanotaenia praecox (Weber & de Beaufort, 1922)
The development and expression of pluripotency genes in embryos derived from nuclear transfer and in vitro fertilization
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Traditional intracytoplasmic sperm injection provides equivalent outcomes compared with human zona pellucida-bound selected sperm injection