Morphological assessment on day 4 and its prognostic power in selecting viable embryos for transfer
Reduction in cytoplasmic lipid content in bovine embryos cultured in vitro with linoleic acid in semi-defined medium is correlated with increases in cryotolerance
Participation of PLA2 and PLC in DhL-induced activation of Rhinella arenarum oocytes
Oogenesis in Laetacara araguaiae (Ottoni and Costa, 2009) (Labriformes
Effect of elevated temperature on fecundity and reproductive timing in the coral Acropora digitifera
Mitochondrial dynamics and their intracellular traffic in porcine oocytes
Simultaneous evaluation of plasma membrane integrity, acrosomal integrity, and mitochondrial membrane potential in bovine spermatozoa by flow cytometry
Linolenic acid improves oocyte developmental competence and decreases apoptosis of in vitro-produced blastocysts in goat
Buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) SCNT embryos produced from somatic cells isolated from frozen–thawed semen
Effect of growth factors on oocyte maturation and allocations of inner cell mass and trophectoderm cells of cloned bovine embryos
Discrimination of the effects on zebrafish reproduction from pollutants in drinking water via female, via male and/or via fecundation water
Expression of angiotensin II receptors in the caprine ovary and improvement of follicular viability in vitro
Kit ligand promotes the transition from primordial to primary follicles after in vitro culture of ovine ovarian tissue
Prothymosin alpha expression and localization during the spermatogenesis of Danio rerio
Pretreating porcine sperm with lipase enhances developmental competence of embryos produced by intracytoplasmic sperm injection
Deficiencies in extrusion of the second polar body due to high calcium concentrations during in vitro fertilization in inbred C3H/He mice
Porcine oocyte mtDNA copy number is high or low depending on the donor
In vitro maturation alters gene expression in bovine oocytes